"Billie is intelligent, caring, loving and lives by example. You cannot ask for more in a doctor, person or friend!”
Doug Davidson, Actor/Director, The Young & The Restless, Los Angeles, CA

"Billie is our forever friend and is like family to my wife, Wendy and me. Betty, Wendy’s Mother, loves Billie like a daughter. Billie has so many God-given talents that need to be publically shared. The songs that she has written are as good as some of my greatest hits. She is brilliant within her medical expertise and my family depends on her knowledge in this area. I nicknamed her my Sentimental Doctor. Billie has always been there for us when we needed her the most!"
Bob Welch, American Musician and former band member of Fleetwood Mac (1971-1974)

"I have always admired Dr. Minton’s focus on her patients. Her caring heart, positive attitude and dedication to each person’s wellbeing is well known, appreciated and respected. That she is expanding her services is another example of how Dr. Minton desires to care for the many who trust her to do what’s best for them. Thank you, Billie!"
Miles A. Burdine, President & CEO Kingsport Chamber 

"Billie and I have been friends since childhood. She holds many attributes of a great leader. She has clarity and is decisive, has passion with anyone and anything she comes in contact with, courage in her heart to make things happen and filled with humility. Her life is focused on helping others. She is high spirited, compassionate and holds a consistent positive attitude. I have great respect for her! Billie is a true leader within the community, business and medical field."
Theresa Bellamy, Member of Sacred Harmony Trio & Private Vocal Coach, Kingsport, TN

"Dr. Minton, I would like to thank you for helping me feel so much better, life is worth living again. Thank you so much for your help. God bless. Keep up the good work!"
Dolly Dianna Bowman, Kingsport, TN

"Dr. Minton is extremely thorough and conscientious. There’s no question that her services are a benefit to the community. Patients say she spends extra time with them. Because she has an unusual area of expertise, she’s able to offer patients more information than they can get from other health care professionals."
Margaret R., M.D., Johnson City, TN

"Dear Dr. Minton: Thank you so much for the informative talk and discussion you facilitated at the church last week. After you left, there were several parishioners that repeated how valuable the information was and how they were going to make sure they made an appointment to get an assessment. I firmly believe what you said about 'knowledge being power' and any way we can get the word out so that people can be partners with the medical community in terms of their wellness, we need to do it. Thanks for your caring support of the community and the decision you made to start your own business. I believe this is the tip of the iceberg and you are on the cutting edge of a new service that is so desperately needed. Again, thanks for your generosity of time and talent and may God continue to bless you for all you do."
Teri Ferguson, R.N., Johnson City

"Dr. Minton, I want to thank you for your help in getting my medications straightened out. I feel so much better. My allergies are also better since we made the corrections with some of my makeup. I truly will always be grateful for your help. Keep up the good work!"
Sue Keesee, Blountville

"Billie, It was great to see you last week. Your office is welcoming and beautiful. I'm proud of what you have accomplished and wish you much success! It is a wonderful treat to have some time to spend with a friend..."
CeeGee McCord, Kingsport

"I enjoyed the friendly services from Dr. Minton and her staff as well. Because of this, I will recommend Medication Management to my friends"
Rudy Greear, Kingsport

"I feel Dr. Minton is genuinely concerned with my well being. She's personable, caring and very conscientious. Anything she could do to help get my life back and to get healthy, she's there. She has made a real difference."
Brenda Walker, Kingsport

"Several months ago, I made an appointment with Dr. Billie Minton, Pharm D. at Medication Management Center. She welcomed me and my husband. After asking how I was feeling that day, which was very bad, she took my medical history and looked at a number of medications I was taking. On following appointments she kindly worked with myself and my doctor to eliminate some medications which were doing me harm and to help me look at life in a more positive and hopeful way. Thank you Dr. Minton for helping me to work for a better quality of life and for not giving up on me."
Yvonne Hunley

"As a licensed nurse, I was so impressed with Dr. Minton. She puts time, effort and knowledge into every patient. Her caring about the well being of her patients is a wonderful thing in today's world. She is a Godsend to people who want to take charge of their lives and make every day a 'feel better day.' Lord Jesus bless her in all she does."
Shelia Hooven, Kingsport

"When I was on forty pills I couldn’t even get out of bed. Then I came to see Dr. Minton. She has worked with me where I can get down now to six or seven. I feel great. I feel wonderful, like a new person."
Rosetta V., Bristol, TN